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Custom Sized C7 Stringers 6 Inch spacing
Do you have a need for a custom sized C7 stringer? Then we can make it for you. We understand that sometimes our 25' and 100' pre made stringer will not fit every application. All you need to do is tell us the length you need and we will cut your requested length off of a large 1000' spool. Then we will hook up the plugs on it and ship it to you. Outline your house or patio the way the pros do it. Each stringer will have 1 male plug at the beginning and one female socket at the end. Please note that the female socket at the end of the stringer is not to be used to plug another stringer into. Each stringer uses SPT-1 wire and there is 1 c7 socket every 6 inches. The C7 socket will use our C7 or G30 Bulbs that are sold separately. For indoor and outdoor use.

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